The Confidently Speaking Program

​a 12-month program that turns your nerves into confidence, so you can speak with clarity and impact

Be a more confident and credible speaker— Elevate Your Speaking Skills with The Confidently Speaking Program!

Confidently Speaking is a 12-month program that transforms your nerves into confidence, so that you can communicate with clarity and impact (No matter the setting or audience.)

Overcome your fear and become a Confident Speaker!

I know managing your fear and nerves is challenging for you.

In this program, you'll experience the power of improv and consistent practice, so you can confidently command the room, captivate your audience, and tell stories that transform lives.  

You can be a Confident and Credible Speaker, too.

Imagine what you will feel like when the NEXT time you take the “stage”, you stand confidently and proudly in your presentation and communicate with clarity, passion, and relatability. 
This is possible for you!

In addition to FEELING good, you can expect these results AFTER you speak:

  • No more confused customers and audiences.

  • More sales of your products and services.

  • Invitations to more speaking and career opportunities.

  • Attracting new customers and higher retention of existing clients. 

The Confidently Speaking Program includes:

  • A 6 module Own Your Presentation on-demand course to help you structure your next presentation with ease. 

  • Weekly improv-based classes that help you develop your confidence, be more adaptable in stressful situations, speak off the cuff, and create solutions for incorporating more humor and stories into your presentations. 

  • Monthly speaker challenges designed to get you out of your comfort zone. Each month we pick a challenge to help you practice your on camera or stage presence, develop more self-awareness, and work on your speaker’s mindset. 

  • Monthly Deep Dive LIVES with me on Mighty Networks where I go deeper on a topic program clients want to know more about. 

  • Spotlight Sessions where you and I go live on your preferred platform (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok) so you gain visibility, content to use for your own communications, and practice being in the spotlight.

Your investment in this 12-month program allows you to choose what is best for you.

Would you like to invest in FULL or with a monthly payment plan?

$250 each month for 12 months OR $2500 (2 months for free!)

The end result of this interactive group program?

  • Build confidence
  • Engage more freely with your audience
  • Be more adaptable
  • Tell better stories
  • Be more present
  • Develop vocal and physical confidence
  • Take more risks
  • Have fun! 

If you’ve read this far and your heart is saying “yes” to The Confidently Speaking Program, but you still have some doubts, let’s talk about them now…

  • "Do your colleagues tell you “good job” after every presentation?" While this may be true, most likely there are many ways to improve your presentation so you get BETTER results.

  • "Think this program is too expensive?" Where else can you get a self-paced presentation training program + a community of professionals dedicated to their professional growth + improv exercises to help you develop your confidence, adaptability, and personalized coaching each week–all for less than a pint of fancy ice cream? No where.

  • “I don’t have the time.” Can you find 60 minutes a week to meet with us to improve your speaking skills? If yes, then time isn’t an issue (just an excuse you keep using). 

  • "Group programs don’t work for me." The purpose of this program is to get you uncomfortable so you can grow as a speaker. I have constructed a very safe and brave space for program clients to make mistakes–and it’s really hard to get better at speaking when all you do is speak to your mirror.

  • “I’m not looking to be a performer.” I am not asking you to be a performer; however, there are performative elements to speaking that must be present when you speak so that you are persuasive and engaging. Your audience will thank you for this! 

  • My introversion and shy bones are screaming! I hear you, and you are like many of the program clients I help everyday. You are still reading, so there is a part of you that REALLY wants and needs to do this. So let’s go!

The Confidently Speaking Program isn't ideal for someone who:

  • Isn't willing to do the work
  • Doesn't like to have fun
  • Isn't a team player
  • Values comfort over growth
This program is best suited for someone who:
  • Wants to be a confident, credible and relatable speaker
  • Understands the benefits of group coaching
  • Does the work required (including consistent practice)
  • Likes to laugh and learn at the same time

Confidently Speaking “Test and Apply” Guarantee

The components of this program have transformed my clients into speakers that continue to make an impact each and every time they speak. For 15+ years I have been working with clients to help take them to the next level, regardless of their experience level when they found me. 

I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your results if you do the program work. 

The Confidently Speaking Program is for action-driven entrepreneurs and leaders who are committed to practice and implementation. 

Once you sign up, you will have access to all the materials and resources, as well as the weekly improv group and self-paced presentation training program. 

My goal is for you is to elevate your speaking presence and command any room with confidence!

Confidently Speaking is more than a program; it's a launchpad for speakers determined to leave a mark. Whether you're seeking to command the boardroom, own the stage, or engage your audience with compelling stories, we’re here to support your journey!

This is your year to shine, to push beyond the boundaries of your speaking abilities. Let's make every word count, every message resonate, and every presentation unforgettable!

What people say

Here are snippets of what Joe, Gene, and Tina have to say about Grundei Coaching:

Meridith has a unique ability to help individuals and groups communicate with clarity and impact

I highly recommend Meridith Grundei as your go-to public speaking expert! Her expertise in presentation skills and storytelling is unmatched.

Joe A.
CEO & Founder of Ajax Union

Meridith is a shining star in a world full of coaches.

She gave me incredible guidance on my speech as well as solid advice on handling nerves, incorporating movement, and even how to network after a talk. I never felt judged or talked down to during our sessions. It was more of an educational collaboration of ideas…truly amazing and unlike any other coaching I’ve used. 

Gene P.
Owner, Survival Response LLC

Meridith's coaching techniques have helped me grow tremendously as a speaker, and as a person

I joined Meridith Grundei's Confidently Speaking group to practice my speaking skills... She helped me dig deep to find my story, and is passionate, knowledgeable, compassionate, has a way to pull the best out of her students, and me.

—Tina L.
Co-Founder and Owner, The Folson Group

Meet Meridith, your speaking coach!

Meridith Grundei is the owner of Grundei Coaching, specializing in public speaking and presentation skills.

As an award-winning theatre director, producer, and former Second City improv teacher, she recognized the similarities between performing for audiences on stage every night and presenting to clients/colleagues every day. However, the latter didn't have the right tools to bring their stories to life.

So, she decided to do something about it. Grundei Coaching specializes in presentation and public speaking consultation, individual training and development, and creative team solutions using improvisational theatre techniques to build trust, empathy, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Her clients include entrepreneurs looking to expand their brand by appearing on more stages and managers, leaders, and teams in both tech and medical fields. Some of her most recent clients include Panasonic, Amazon AWS, Merck, Idorsia, and the Iowa Department of Health.

Why you should sign up

I strongly value collaboration, creativity and relationships. this is why I was compelled to start this program. The magic happens when there are others who can help hold us accountable and inspire us to go from good to great!

I am excited to invite you in to this brave and safe space so you can have a place to develop your skills, shift your belief system and deliver powerful stories that inspire others! let's ROCK this!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need any prior public speaking experience to enroll? No prior experience is required. The program is designed to accommodate individuals at all skill levels, from beginners to experienced speakers.

Will there be opportunities to practice speaking in front of an audience? Yes, practice sessions are scheduled every 4th Wednesday of the month. You will have ample opportunities to refine your speaking skills in a supportive and constructive environment.

Can I talk to someone before I purchase this program? Of course! Please schedule a discovery call with me to answer any questions you may have.